Programming GeoXT for offset mapping

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  • laser is set up to read off COM5 after COM5 is setup for bluetooth coms with laser after laser is set to bluetooth mode on. Serial port needs to be turned on for device in bluetooth settings on Geo.
    • baud = 4800
  • make a new sensor 1 called height:
    • port = none
    • baud = 4800
    • 8 data bits
    • 1 stop bit
    • parity = none
    • In Data Identification options:
      • Prefix = $PLTIT,HT,
      • suffix =,M*
      • max bytes = blank
      • time out = 0.10s
      • receive = unsolicited
      • log intervals = all set to All
      • Data Destination = As Attribute
      • Attribute name = Height
    • Create a new job with a Data dictionary attribute called height with units number, 2 decimal places min 0 max 100.0 m (probably reasonable)

Here is the procedure once the Height thing is set up:

  • In external sensors:
  • Have Laser on and set to COM5; have Height off and set to None Com port
  • Hit External Sensors OK
  • make new job and set the antenna height to about 1ft (height between laser and antenna on GPS)
  • Go to Data > Collect Features
  • Create (default set to Pause logging at start)
  • With laser in a height mode (no difference noted between SD, VD, HD in terms of offset) laser the top of the feature
  • Log positions
  • While doing so go back to External sensors menu and make Laser have None com port
  • turn on Height sensor and set to COM5
  • hit external sensors>OK
  • go back to feature
  • set laser to HT
  • make a 3 measurement height measurement
  • data should be recorded to device
  • done