Lipo Battery Charging

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This is a visual reference for how to charge individual LiPo batteries Using a Traxxas charger. Most LiPo chargers have a similar layout, so this approach should be useful for most chargers. Consult the charger's user manual for more safety instructions and menu navigation.


Set the charger to LiPo Charge. Consult the data sheet for your LiPo to see what amperage it should be charged at. This charger caps out at 6.0 amps, which is more than safe for the 11000mAh battery in this example. Match your battery's voltage. This is a 14.8 volt battery, so the charger is set the same.


Connect the LiPo battery. The yellow XT60 connector and the multicolor JST-XH balance plugs should be connected to their respective connectors as shown.


Always place the LiPo in a fire resistant LiPo bag while charging.


Hold the enter key until the battery check screen comes up.


Confirm that the settings match, and press enter again to confirm. Do not skip this step, or the battery will not charge.


The charging screen will look like this. The charger will beep when the battery is fully charged, and the screen will report "done".


If the LiPo is going to sit unused for more than 2 weeks, it should be set to its storage voltage. Select the LiPo Storage screen and follow the previous steps. When the charger reports "done", the LiPo will be ready for long term storage. This may take a long interval of time due to the charger's slow discharge rate.