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It is necessary to undergo flight training in order to pilot either the Microcopter or Arducopter. While extensive skills with flying RV devices isn't necessary, there is a minimum level of skill that is recommended for piloting. Pilots need to be able handle field conditions/challenges such as flying through a narrow canopy gap or maintaining flight stability with strong wind gusts.

Our training process is designed so that individuals with no flying experience will be able to handle most challenges they will encounter while flying out in the field.


Tools for Flight Training

Simulation Training


For simulation training, we use RealFlight 6 R/C Flight Simulator by GreatPlanes. This is a very helpful software package that will help familiarize users with basic flying techniques and skills they will need to use.

Hands-on Training

For hands on training, Ecosynth uses the Blade MQX RTF. This is an ideal copter to practice flying with, as it has similar controls to flying the Microcopter and Arducopter. It allows the option of flying in "X" or "+" configuration, and is pretty durable with crashes. It is an excellent solution for getting new pilots acquainted with flying.

Flight Training Procedure

Step 1: Use the Hover Tutorial in Real Flight 6. When you are able to hover for at least a minute in the smallest radius, you can move on to step 2.

Step 2: Hover successfully with the Blade MQX.

Step 3: Practice take-offs and landings on various surfaces with the Blade MQX. For example, take off on a hallway floor and land on a desk.

Step 4: Develop distance flying; remain stationary while flying the Blade MQX down hallways/outside. This kind of proficiency is particularly important for trying to recover from flight failure.