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This is a visual reference for how to bind a Spektrum receiver and transmitter. Although this guide is specific to the DX7S and AR8000, the same general approach is used for most Spektrum products. If necessary, consult the Spektrum user manual for the transmitter.


From left to right: the DX7S transmitter, the AR8000, the satellite receiver, and the bind plug.


Connect the bind plug to the port labelled BND/DAT on the AR8000. Connect the receiver to the AR8000 ia the port on its side as shown.


Connect a 5 volt poser source to the AR8000. According to the label on top of the AR8000, the negative black wire should be attached to the topmost row of pins, and the positive red wire should be attached to the middle row of pins.


In this case, the 5 volt power source was the BEC included with a 3D Robotics X8 copter. The BEC is connected to the copter, and the copter is connected to a lipo battery. The BEC automatically produces 5 volts.

The orange lights on the AR8000 and receiver should rapidly blink orange. Thi means that they are ready to bind to the transmitter.


Take the transmitter and stand at least 10 feet from the AR8000. While holing the bind button, power on the transmitter. Keep the bind button held down until both the orange lights on the AR8000 and the receiver have turned solid orange. You may then release the bind button.

Power down the transmitter and disconnect BEC and the bind plug from the AR8000. If using an APM autopilot, mount the AR8000 and the receiver to the copter and connect the AR8000 to the APM. If using a Pixhawk autopilot, disconnect the receiver from the AR8000 and connect the receiver directly to the pixhawk.